We are rapidly scaling our business by forming partnerships with banks and private investors across the world to utilize the most cutting edge solar technologies to promote renewable energy generation of electricity in Vietnam.

Investment Approach

Behind the meter

With Viet Nam’s forecast demand, we focus on investment in renewable energy to power industry and businesses behind the meter, minimising pushing additional surplus of solar supply into the grid (before it is upgraded). Considered and sustainable.


Our projects will provide you long-term price visibility to help you plan and invest. Onsite solar generation can help you manage uncertainty in grid supplied energy costs in future years. We will work with you to design a solar solution to minimise your electricity costs using available roof space or spare land at your business site. We will arrange contracts and financing to allow your business to benefit from solar technology without the capital requirements and without the risks of ownership and operation.  This allows you to focus your time and resources in the business you know best.


Robust and strong cashflows and capital growth, delivering appropriate risk adjusted returns to investors.

  • Long term, highly reliable asset (see Technology)
  • Limited competition risk
  • Limited operational risk
  • High electricity demand 
  • High renewable energy target set by regulator
  • Low operational & maintenance cost
  • High degree of accuracy in energy forecasting & financial returns

Social Responsibility

Our philosophy is to deliver secure long term returns, aligned with the interests of its investors, the environment, the community and our future generations. 

Featured Project

HoangSa School

Location: Quang Nam province, Vietnam

Size: 102kWp