Bringing You the Value of Solar Technology

We offer a full service solar solution for energy intensive commercial and industrial electricity consumers in Vietnam.

Vietnam's Shift to Solar Energy

From only 134 megawatts (MW) in 2018, Vietnam’s cumulative installed solar PV capacity reached 5,500 MW in 2019. This is equivalent to 44 percent of Southeast Asia’s total solar capacity.

This is only the beginning.

Vietnam has increased its non-hydro renewable capacity targets in its power development plan to 21% of total installed capacity in 2030, equivalent to 21 – 25 gigawatts (GW). At the same time, the share of coal-fired capacity will decrease from 52% to 43%.

Solcap is uniquely positioned to be a full-service long-term solar partner for your business. We design, build, own and operate solar PV projects on-site, backed by a long-term contract (between 10-20 years) with your business to provide clean, reliable, renewable energy for your operations at a discount to grid supplied electricity. 

Site Assessment

Energy Solutions
Financing Options
Complete System Install
Monitoring & Maintenance

How does it work?

The electricity generated by the PV system can be consumed directly on site “behind the meter” while any excess solar electricity generated would be fed into the grid and receive a feed-in tariff from EVN (currently USD 9.35c/kWh).

What does it do to the electricity price?

Retail electricity prices in Vietnam have been steadily increasing since 2009. The trend will continue as the total demand for electricity in Vietnam is forecast to increase from 270TWh in 2020 to 500TWh by 2030 according to the Vietnam Energy Outlook Report 2019. 

Your PPA rate will be at a guaranteed discount to your retail price from EVN, locking in immediate savings for your business while providing certainty of your electricity costs over future years.

In summary, what can Solcap offer my business?

We finance, install and maintain the solar system on your roof. You pay only for the solar electricity produced and consumed each month.

When your solar system is connected, your utility electricity bill will reduce by up to 30%. 

Solcap has the knowledge and expertise to design a solar system and select solar plant components that deliver the lowest cost for your business over the life of your solar PPA.

Solcap will install the system, monitor performance and carry out regular maintenance through local partners. If issues arise, our service technicians will get your system back online with minimal disruption. Every Solcap solar PV system includes our exclusive monitoring service to ensure you are maximising your solar production and energy savings.

Eliminates exposure to energy price inflation.

We understand different businesses have different planning horizons and unique site characteristics, so we work with you individually to get the best PPA structure for you and your business.

Renewable energy input to your business can enhance your brand, improve employee engagement and community support for your business.